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New Communication Assistant Professor Publishes in the Journal of Social & Personal Relationships

Veronica Droser, new Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, published an article that looks at the way parent-child relationships are impacted following a family death.

New Assistant Professor Veronica Droser of the Department of Communication recently published an article in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Department Chairperson, Alex Lyon, said about the publication, “We are grateful to have Professor Droser onboard and thrilled that she is already making an impact publishing in this top-tier, interdisciplinary journal. We are very excited for her.”

The article, Parent-child relationships following spousal/parental death: An application of relational turbulence theory, looks at, in part, the way parent-child relationships are impacted by spousal/parental death. Professor Droser explained, “One person is grieving the loss of their spouse while the other is grieving the loss of their parent, yet there is an expectation that their experiences are similar, that they have lost the same person.”

The study explored feelings of uncertainty and sources of interference parents and children face after a family death. Results showed that parents’ and children’s relationships are stronger when they have similar sources of interference and uncertainty. “In other words,” explained Professor Droser, “it’s important for parents and children to be on the same page!” The findings of the study have tremendous practical value and can help us be more empathetic as researchers and as human beings.

Professor Droser received her PhD from the University of Denver (2016) and most recently was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Penn State. She is currently working on other projects related to grief and loss, including a mixed-methods study that explores how memorable messages we receive after a family death influence our grief and coping. Her door is always to collaboration, so if you want to know more about the study or are interested in working together let her know.


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