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Brockport Student Government is Seeking Advisors

Brockport Student Government is looking for three different Advisors for our Senate, Student Court, and Advocacy Department. If you want to work with Student Leaders at a deeper level please reach out to us for more info about these roles.

Brockport Student Government has three unique teams, each seeking an Advisor.

The Senate is our legislative body, they focus on committee work, using Robert's Rules and, drafting legislation to create change on campus.

The Student Court gets into the details of our Constitution, Bylaws, and Club Constitutions to ensure that all entities of BSG are functioning legally.

The Advocacy Department functions essentially as our consultant team to bring the issues students face to our attention, and onto our agenda as the Student Government.

These three teams all have their own needs from an Advisor, so if you are interested in any or all of these positions, please reach out. We are looking for any faculty or staff dedicated to helping students and supporting BSG. We hope to find someone dedicated to ensuring our students are well-supported, and comfortable in their roles, so BSG can operate efficiently and effectively to help improve our campus and the Brockport student experience.


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