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BeFirst@Bport is an online resource designed to support to first-generation college students on our campus.

This new platform provides points of connection with faculty, staff, and campus resources that are intended to help first-generation students navigate their college experience. One of these points of connections is our First-Gen Mentor Network, which creates an opportunity for students to meet with individuals who understand the unique experiences of being first-generation. This network includes current students, faculty, and staff who were the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree. Mentors support students by listening to their stories, sharing their own experiences, and providing guidance.

As faculty members and advisors, we hope that you can share this resource with your students and encourage them to take advantage of the Mentor Network. Please visit our website for more information.

If you would like to be a First-Gen Mentor, please contact Kathryn Warren using the email below.

At The College at Brockport, a student is identified as first-generation if no parent/guardian in their household has earned a bachelor's degree.



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