Updated Payroll Information for Personal Leave Date Extension for Classified Employees

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Updated Payroll Information for Personal Leave Date Extension for Classified Employees

Personal leave expiration dates have been extended for Classified employees. The dates for the extension have been updated to include those employees whose personal leave balance will expire between the dates of March 9 through August 31, 2020.

Any unused personal leave that would expire between the dates of March 9 and August 31, 2020 is extended until an employee’s next personal leave date in 2021. This extension applies to employees represented by the CSEA, PEF, NYSCOPBA, PBANYS bargaining units, and those who are Classified M/C. This applies only to unused personal leave that would have been forfeited between the dates of 3/9/20 to 8/31/20. Employees who are unable to utilize their remaining personal leave balance due to the COVID-19 crisis, are allowed to carry that unused personal leave forward, in addition to the five days they are credited with on their personal leave date.

For example — an employee has a personal leave anniversary date of 6/13/20. The employee has one remaining day of PL as 6/12/20 and due to the COVID-19 crisis is unable to use the PL day. In this case, on 6/13/20 this employee would be allowed to have six PL days - five new PL days in addition to the one day carried forward. The six PL days would have an expiration date of 6/12/21 (one day before next year’s personal leave date)

The online time and attendance system will automatically adjust the personal leave balance of the affected employees to allow for the carry-over of the unused balance. Employees will see a comment that reads “COVID-19 Adjustment” on the timesheet in which their personal leave date occurs. For employees who complete paper timesheets or time cards, the Payroll office will make the necessary adjustments.

Please note, personal leave is different than vacation leave. Employees whose vacation leave may be affected will be notified individually.

We will continue to provide updates as we are made aware of new information.


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