AIG Available for Virtual Consultation

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AIG Available for Virtual Consultation

Eugene Boyer, an AIG retirement services financial advisor, will be hosting virtual Consultations.

In an effort to provide you with tools to better prepare to meet your financial and retirement goals, a financial advisor from AIG Retirement Services will be onsite to address any questions you may have regarding:

• Planning, budgeting and meeting your savings goals

• Managing your investments

• Calculating contributions to meet your retirement needs

If you have never met with a financial advisor, here is your opportunity to get acquainted and get help planning for a more secure financial future.

AIG Retirement Services has the resources to meet with you virtually — by phone, FaceTime, or Webex.

Eugene will be available for virtual consultations during the month of June.

To make an appointment, please use the link below.



Eugene Boyer: (716) 625-6066

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