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An overview of how SUNY Brockport is handling campus HVAC systems in response to COVID-19.

The CDC continues to advise that social distancing, the wearing of face masks/coverings, increased hand washing/sanitizing, and reducing density are the most effective measures to mitigate the risk of airborne virus infection.

We are taking steps to improve our HVAC systems wherever possible by applying a multi-layered approach that utilizes multiple control strategies to further minimize the risk of transmission through the air.

Depending on building systems control strategies may include:

• Maximizing the amount of outdoor air ventilation

• Minimizing recirculated air

• Increasing filtration efficiency (MERV rating)

• Bypassing of energy recovery systems with potential for intermingling of return and supply air

• Operating building systems in “occupied” mode 2 hours before and after normal building occupancy times to flush building air

• Ongoing maintenance to ensure proper function

• The use of fans is permitted in all buildings.

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