COVID-19 Safety Reporting & Enforcement Process

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COVID-19 Safety Reporting & Enforcement Process

Learn how to appropriately address concerns related to violations of the Social Distancing and Face Covering Policy

As we near the start of the fall semester, we know that you have gone above and beyond to be ready for our students’ return. To increase the likelihood of our semester continuing in-person, everyone must abide by the Social Distancing and Face Covering Policy (see link below).

Every member of our community should feel empowered to address peers, colleagues, and students who may need reminding of social distancing and face-covering requirements. Talking with one another should be your first step.

In instances where members of our community do not feel safe addressing and educating others about this policy, or if there are repeated violations of this policy, the following options for reporting concerns can be pursued:

* Report your concern via the online reporting form (see link below), which will be routed to Human Resources or Student Conduct.

*As per the Social Distancing and Face Covering Policy, failure to comply may result in referral to Human Resource Services for review and resolution in accordance with their collective bargaining agreement, including disciplinary action or termination.

*As per the Code of Student Conduct, Failure to Comply with the directive of a college official could result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to removal from the residence halls and/or suspension.

* University Police will receive emergency reports through their dispatch office at (585) 395-2222

Please be responsible and supportive of our State and College’s efforts to maintain the health of our community. We all depend on one another to keep our campus community safe.



Human Resources: (585) 395-2126

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