Events and Meetings for Fall 2020 Expectations and Guidelines

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Events and Meetings for Fall 2020 Expectations and Guidelines

This outlines temporary restrictions and policies related to events and meetings on campus for fall 2020.

Retaining opportunities for our campus community to connect and engage is critical to our goal of promoting a holistic educational experience. Nevertheless, ensuring safety and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 is also essential. SUNY Brockport policies, plans, protocols, and procedures have been reviewed, and the following guidelines outline how the management of events and meetings for Fall 2020, and potentially beyond, will happen. These guidelines supersede any current event or student organization event policies.


Committee meetings and group meetings will need to be conducted virtually.

Additional Information for:

Student Organization Meetings

We anticipate that nearly all organizations will need to conduct their recurring organization meetings virtually. Given space availability and capacity restrictions for social distancing, there will not be sufficient venues to accommodate in-person meetings. Furthermore, hosting meetings virtually will permit those students completing their studies online the opportunity to connect with your group. All SUNY Brockport registered student organizations will have the ability to be provided access to the campus platform, Microsoft Teams, to be used for virtual meetings. Accounts will be managed centrally by the Student Organization Steering Committee, comprised of BSG, Campus Recreation, and Student Union & Activities. To gain access to the Teams platform, groups will be able to submit a request through myBrockport beginning on August 5, 2020.

Small Approved Events

The College highly encourages events to be hosted remotely but understands not all events work in this platform. For consideration of hosting a campus event, in person the following must be considered and addressed:

• Event attendance must be limited, groups must be smaller than 25 people for inside events, 50 for outside events.

• Personal face masks must be required for entry into all events and must be worn for the duration of the event

• Social distancing requirements must always be maintained, a minimum of 6 feet separation between individuals

• Groups structured around physical exercise, performance, and musical rehearsal/practices will be restricted to online events, due to the increased risk of coronavirus transmission associated with these kinds of activities.

• Event marketing should remind participants to follow public health guidelines such as wearing a mask, social distancing, etc.

• Event will be restricted to Brockport only (students, faculty, and staff) with campus ID checked at the door. Advance sign-up is required.

• Events may not be advertised to non-students/off-campus visitors. 

• Groups should implement live streaming (Facebook live or Instagram live) for any in-person program that does not conflict with copyright law or contractual agreements.

• No communal food (buffets, etc.) shall be permitted.

• Outside guests including, but not limited to, other college teams or clubs, High School/College Prep programs, parents and family, alumni, friends may not be hosted on campus.

• Event organizers looking to contract outside services must ensure and provide documentation that those vendor(s) will comply with campus standards for social distancing, cleanliness, etc. Please note there will be a limit to the number of hired personnel permitted at any one program.

• Pre-registration for every in-person event must occur (via University Tickets or similar system)

• Outdoor and well-ventilated spaces should be used; small enclosed spaces should not be used, and event capacity may not exceed the adjusted room capacities for social distancing. Outdoor venues will also have established capacities on the current guidelines established by the state.

• Groups must assist in cleaning high-touch spaces and equipment.

• Comprehensive safety plans must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance of the proposed event. (link to plan template) All events must be pre-planned and approved. Approval to host an event will be in consultation with the Emergency Operations Center.

For Events:

• Faculty/Staff - In almost all cases all events will need to take place virtually. Please consult with Dean and Department Chairs on all event requests.

• Student Organizations

May make a request to the through myBROCKPORT to host a campus event. The Event Form will be available beginning August 21, 2020.

• Third-Party Events

At this time, registered third party events will not be permitted on campus.

• Off-Campus Events

At this time, registered student organizations will not be permitted to host events or activities off-campus.

• Information Tables (Faculty, Staff, and Students)

Tabling will be restricted to outdoor options only. Groups will be limited to a maximum of two members present during the tabling period wearing masks and social distancing.


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