EDC Graduate Student Wins State-wide Award & Scholarship

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EDC Graduate Student Wins State-wide Award & Scholarship

Michelle Thomas, a SUNY Brockport undergraduate alumna and current graduate student in the Counselor Education (EDC), Mental Health Counseling program, wins Outstanding Adult Student Award from the Continuing Education Association of NY (CEANY).

Michelle Thomas is a current graduate student (EDC), who works and studies full-time, carrying a 3.45 GPA, who anticipates graduating in December 2020. A single mother of three young children, she has struggled with academics due to an undiagnosed learning disorder. As with most challenges in her life, once educated and enlightened about available support services, Michelle seized the challenge of working hard and overcoming her learning disability, and maximize resources toward achieving her high standards and goals — academically, professionally, and personally.

As the Region west and State-wide Outstanding Adult Student (OAS) awardee, Ms. Thomas will be honored at CEANY’s annual virtual conference on Thursday, November 5, where she will be awarded the OAS certificate and scholarship check.

Dr. Rafael Outland (EDC) wrote a letter of support for her nomination on behalf of the EDC department and Dr. Karen Schuhle-Williams (EDA) nominated her for the CEANY OAS award.



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