Reminder to College Work Study Employee Supervisors

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Reminder to College Work Study Employee Supervisors

Pay close attention to your student's work study award balance. The work study award is a fixed amount - Financial Aid will not be able to increase the work study award for your students if you over-spend.

Supervisors should be monitoring each student’s hours and award balance each pay period. If you have not been tracking this, you can view your student’s previous timesheets by checking their timesheet history in the Time and Attendance system.

IMPORTANT: Due to the budget restrictions on Temporary Service funding, you will not be able to allow Work Study students to continue to work on the Temporary Service payroll unless you have requested and received prior approval from your department VP.

If you have approval for Temporary Service funding, you still need to submit a request to transition the student to Temporary Service (Payroll Transition Form). If you have been tracking your student’s hours, the form should be submitted in advance to avoid delays. Otherwise, the temporary service portion of the student’s pay will be delayed until the following pay period.

If you allow your work-study student to over-spend their award (due to not monitoring spending) and you do not have approval for temporary funding, the balance owed to the student will be charged to your temporary service budget. A notification will be sent to your department VP stating the charge was made without prior approval.


Karen Simpson:

Human Resources

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