Bravo Awards for October 2020

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Bravo Awards for October 2020

Bravo is an opportunity for employees to recognize and celebrate the good work of their SUNY Brockport colleagues.

During the month of October 2020, 35 Bravo Awards were given to Brockport faculty and staff for doing a great job.

Congratulations to all the recipients:

Dr. Dave Abwender

Dr. Lorraine Acker

Dr. Melody Boyd

Larry Brien

Denine Carr

Gian Carlo Cervone

Melissa Coleman

Vicky Comden

Steve Cook

Keith Davis

Frances Dearing

Michael Dentino

Ryan Dipaola

Rich Dirmyer

Dani Drews

Dan Greer

Dr. Amy Guptill

Christine Izyk

Tia Kennedy

Dawn Kurtz

Debbie Lester

Dr. Amanda Lipko-Speed

Jane LoMaglio

Anna Loria

Dr. Laurel McNall

Dr. Sandeep Mitra

Dr. Jason Morris

Monique Rew-Bigelow

Debbie Reynolds

Devon Smith

Cheryl VanLare

Susan Wielgosz

Dr. Kimberley Willis

Robert Wyant

Recognizing someone with a Bravo award is as simple as filling out and submitting the attached Mach Form to nominate a co-worker, which then generates a certificate that will be presented to the recognized employee. The recognized employee’s supervisor will be notified as well.



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