Allen Administration Building - Cell Tower Work - Crane Set-Up

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Allen Administration Building - Cell Tower Work - Crane Set-Up

Parking Lot W-1 to be closed during crane use for cell phone work on roof of Allen Administration Building starting Monday, November 16.

Multiple cell phone companies will be doing work on the roof of the Allen Administration Building to upgrade their equipment or for new installations in the next couple of months. Starting on Monday, November 16, a crane will set up in parking lot W-1 to support this work. It is intended to be there for three days but might be there longer depending on the weather. This work is for T-Mobile.

The following week, Verizon has tentatively scheduled a crane for Tuesday, November 24, to lift some transmission equipment up to the roof. At a future, currently undetermined date, Verizon will have another crane set-up to install their, and some of AT&T's, new antennas.


Dave Strabel, Capital Project Coordinator: (585) 509-1811

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