Bravo Awards for November 2020

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Bravo Awards for November 2020

Bravo is an opportunity for employees to recognize and celebrate the good work of their SUNY Brockport colleagues.

During the month of November 2020, Bravo Awards were given to Brockport faculty and staff for doing a great job.

Congratulations to all the recipients:

Sondra Aman

Gail Argetsinger

George Ballart

Dr. Melissa Brown

Erin Bucci

Ms. Katie Cariola

Julie Caswell

Erin Chapman

Dr. Joe Chesebro

Cindy Daniel

Keith Davis

Darrell Deas

John Follaco

Ms. Kerrie Gianvecchio

Dr. Kyle Green

Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson

Dr. Pamela Haibach-Beach

Mat Hall

Mr. Thomas Hickey

Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson

Ms. Stephanie Learn

Debbie Lester

Gina Maclaren

Lynne Maier

Quinn Maloney

Lauren Mazzeo

Dr. Takashi Nishiyama

Dr. Megan Norcia

Mr. Brandon Nunnery

Alyshia O'Connor

Joanne Panarisi-Bottone

Julie Pettit

Heather Raczkowski

Dr. Heidi Rademacher

Trish Ralph

Monique Rew-Bigelow

Fred Rion

Val Rusin

Megan Sarkis

Darlene Schmitt

Linda Sercu

Lori Smith

Mike Smith

Dr. Janka Szilágyi

Tracy Tomes

Dana Weiss

Dr. Wendy Wright

Darlene Zeliff

Recognizing someone with a Bravo award is as simple as filling out and submitting the Mach Form (linked below) to nominate a co-worker, which then generates a certificate that will be presented to the recognized employee. The recognized employee’s supervisor will be notified as well.



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