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Student Behavioral Consultant Team: Who We Are and What We Do!

The Student Behavioral Consultant Team (SBCT) is a multidisciplinary team of College employees that meet weekly to review and address faculty and staff reports on students of concern.

The Student Behavioral Consultant Team (SBCT) is a multidisciplinary team of College employees from Academic Affairs, Hazen Center for Integrated Care (Student Health and Counseling Center), Residential Life/Learning Communities, Student Conduct, University Police, the Student Accessibility Services, Athletics, and the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Vice President’s Office. This team meets weekly to facilitate communication of information regarding students of concern and address instances of student behavior which have raised concerns among faculty, staff and/or students at the College. This team, acting as consultants, facilitates the coordination of efforts to respond to students’ needs, based on the information gathered about the student’s behavior. SBCT is actively engaged in the early assessment and intervention process of the student of concern.

The purpose of this team is to provide a confidential means for early intervention of students of concern through collaboration with campus departments, faculty, staff and administrators. Students exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being may be referred to this team of professionals. Information from faculty, staff, administrators and students is confidentially shared among the team members.

Faculty and staff may refer a student by completing an online referral form, found at the link below.

The referral is sent to the email account of Dr. Karen Logsdon, SBCT Chair & Case Manager, Assistant to the VP, EMSA. Dr. Logsdon may contact the faculty/staff member that referred the student to seek further information and also will keep the faculty/staff member informed.

SBCT functions are guided by the standards of practice established by the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA). For more information about SBCT membership and referral procedures, refer to the SBCT webpage, linked below.

SBCT hosts workshops through the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and also, by request, will present at departmental/divisional meetings at the College. Outreach to the campus community is an important role for this team, and since the team was formed in 2007, team members have presented on the management of disruptive students, de-escalation strategies in and out of the classroom, emergencies in the classroom, in addition to sessions on raising awareness of the needs of veteran students.

contact: Karen Logsdon at or 395-5042
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