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Daily Eagle mastheadWed, Jan 23, 2019 — 11:10 pm

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Jie Zang and EDI 4/519.02 Students Work with Families with Children with Disabilities

Jie Zang, associate professor in Education and Human Development and EDI 4/519.02 students worked with families with children with disabilities through the Family Collaboration Service Learning Project.

The Family Collaboration Service Learning project in EDI 4/519.02 connected students with families with children with disabilities through Starbrige, a non-profit organization for families. It provided students a great opportunity to make meaningful connections between academic content and community service, and to help deepen their learning on the influence of families and the collaboration among teachers, professionals, and families on children, especially children with special needs.

contact: Denise Swift, Secretary of the School of Education, Health and Human Services
submitted: Thu, Jan 3, 2019 by deswift
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