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Drake Library is composed of several departments all helping to make the library run effectively.

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Public Services

The Circulation/Reserves Department is responsible for checking materials in and out, maintaining our circulating book and audio/visual collections, the public copiers, and managing our Reserves collection, where faculty place required readings for classes.

The Interlibrary Loan department supports students, faculty and staff by acquiring articles and books from other libraries if you cannot find what you need here at Drake. Interlibrary loan is a service which provides books and copies needed, but not available here. In most cases, material can be here within a week.

The Instruction and Reference group provides personal assistance to library patrons at the reference desk, online through IM, over the phone, and in meetings with classes.

The Brockport Downtown librarian provides reference and information services at our downtown campus.

Technology and Systems

The Technology and Systems group works to maintain current systems such as the Library Catalog, as well as implement new library services through Web 2.0+ and other technologies.

Technical Services

The Technical Services unit of the library handles the Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Management, Processing, and Serials functions. They work behind the scenes to make your research possible.

The Acquisitions department is responsible for purchasing all monographic material and media as recommended by academic and library staff, and monitoring expenditures of departmental allocations and general library funds.

The Collection Management Unit is responsible for maintaining the library collection, working closely with acquisitions to ensure that the library meets the curricular needs of the college.

Cataloging is a shared task among the Technical Services team. Their efforts create a browsing friendly collection grouped in subject areas and searchable in the library's online catalog. Processing involves making collection materials ready for library use and includes. This includes the binding process for both serials and thesis.

The Serials department maintains our library's print and electronic serials collections. Serials include journals, magazines and newspapers. Have you had a problem accessing a serial title? Email them at

Last Updated 8/30/18

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