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Off-Campus Student Programming

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Community Development provides various events and programming dedicated specifically to the off-campus student population. These events, which are scheduled throughout the semester, are open to all of Brockport's off-campus students - traditional and non-traditional students, whether you live as close as Holley Street or in the city of Rochester.

Services for Off-campus Students

Students In Commuter Lounge

  • Commuter Lounge: Located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, the Commuter Lounge is equipped with couches and chairs for you to relax, study, or socialize with friends. You can find the off-campus student carpooling board, upcoming events list, and get a copy of the off-campus student e-news.

  • Lockers: Located next to the Commuter Student Lounge on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, lockers are available for any student free of charge. You must complete a Locker Reservation Form [PDF] each academic year in order to utilize a locker. You supply your own lock! Please drop off your forms to the Office of Campus Life, B105 Seymour College Union to receive approval to use a locker.

  • Computer Lounge: Also located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, the computer lounge allows you access to the Internet and Microsoft Office programs. The computer lounge can only be accessed by students who have completed an Access Form [PDF]. Please drop off your forms to the Office of Campus Life, B105 Seymour College Union to receive access to the computer lounge. Make sure to plan ahead, 24 hours is needed to process your request.

Off-campus Student Ride Sharing

In the Commuter Student Lounge, located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, space is available to arrange rides between students. This is a completely voluntary service. While The College at Brockport and the Office of Campus Life may encourage ride sharing as an economical way to cut costs in traveling to the College, we are not responsible for the conduct of any vehicles, drivers and/or riders.

The College at Brockport and the Office of Campus Life assumes no responsibility for participation in this program. The College and Office of Campus Life are acting solely as referral services for potential ride sharers, and as such, do not assume any liability nor represents that any driver is qualified, competent or insured.

All participants are encouraged to use their own judgment before deciding to be part of the program and are responsible for their own actions and decisions. For more information on the ride share program, click here.

Find a Hang Out

Looking for a place to hang out between classes? Here are some places where you can go to study, take a break, or just hang out with fellow students and friends.

The Commuter Lounge

Students In Commuter Lounge

The Commuter Lounge, located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, is open to all commuter students and is a home away from home while you are on campus. This is the perfect place to relax, study, and hang out with other commuter students. In the Commuter Lounge you will find couches, a television, lockers, a microwave, a water cooler and access to wireless internet to help make your days at Brockport comfortable and convenient! You can stay up-to-date by checking the involvement board and monthly event calendar or you can start a carpool with other Brockport commuters by utilizing the Ride Share program.

Computer Labs

Students In Commuter Lounge

At Brockport, computer access should never be a problem. Computer labs are located in several areas across the campus:

The following is a list of all the computer labs that are available on campus. Location and hours are listed, as well as contact information. Hours are subject to change. Contact to confirm availability.

These labs are open for public use during the hours posted. Anyone with a Brockport NetID can log in and use the Lab PC's.

Reserving Instructional Labs

If a campus lab is an Instructional Lab, it can be reserved for classroom use. To schedule classes in any of the instructional labs, please complete the ITS Instructional Lab Request Form. If you require assistance, please call the Help Desk at 395-5151.

When an instructional lab is not reserved, it is open for public use.

Lab Locations

Drake Memorial Library

The Library's lobby area provides study tables and casual seating where students may enjoy food and drink while accessing the wireless network, working individually or in small groups, or browsing through the new books, current newspapers, and periodicals on display. Wireless access to internet resources is available throughout the building. The library has varied hours, so check their website for details.

Seymour College Union

When you want to get something to eat, hang out with friends, or check out clubs and organizations, the Seymour College Union is the place to be.

Seymour College Union is the home of Brockport Student Government, 89.1 The Point (our College radio station), The Stylus (our College newspaper) and the Offices of Campus Life, International Student Services, the Women's Center and much more.

There is a Barnes & Noble College Bookstore located on the main level, where students purchase textbooks, Brockport gear and school supplies. For a quick meal or cup of coffee, visit Union Square Food Court and Jitterbugs Café, which offer a variety of dining options.

Students In Commuter Lounge

Are you an off-campus student? Have questions or concerns? Please e-mail us at

Last Updated 8/20/19

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