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Unrecognized Groups

We would like to advise all students and families that there are groups of students that wrongfully attempt to function and are not recognized by the College. For your own well-being, we discourage you from attending their events and from affiliating with these organizations.

Unrecognized groups of students include:

They call themselves: They used to be:
Alpha Sigma Delta or ASD (ΑΣΔ) Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
Delta Sigma or Delts (ΔΣ) Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
Sammies (ΣAM) Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity
Theta Phi Chi or Thetas (ΘΦΧ) Theta Phi Alpha Sorority

SUNY Brockport does not advise nor control the actions of these off-campus groups. These groups have been advised by the College and their formal National Headquarters to cease ALL operations, including recruitment, education, induction of new members, and the sponsoring of and/or participation in on- or off-campus programs. Failure to abide by these conditions on campus will subject students to on-campus student conduct proceedings. All activities may be subject to litigation by the legitimate national headquarters.

Read the College Policy on Student Organization Affiliation

As a student, if you are recruited by or have questions about unrecognized student groups, please contact Student Union and Activities at (585) 395-5646 or email us.

Last Updated 7/29/21