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How do I get my records from the Health Center sent to my doctor?

Complete a consent form in the Health Center or with your doctor's office. This form should be faxed to (585) 395-2559. Please allow 3 business days.

Who do I talk to about bringing my service or assistance animal to campus?

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities recognizes the importance of "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as the broader category of "Assistance Animals" under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), that provide physical and/or emotional support to individuals with disabilities.

Service Animal Policy

Who gets to use the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center is open to all The College at Brockport students. The Campus Health Center fee is a mandatory charge. In addition to supporting the operation of the Campus Health Center, the fee is used to promote many health and wellness programs conducted for the benefit of students. The Campus Health Center Fee is not health insurance and is mandatory for all students except those study abroad students participating in an overseas program. The Campus Health Center Fee cannot be waived.

For summer office visits: A $20 office visit charge will be placed on the student's account, if student is not registered for summer classes, but will be returning in the fall semester.

How do I get seen in the Student Health Center?

Students can be seen during walk in hours or by scheduling an appointment Monday-Friday. Emergencies/urgent needs will be evaluated as needed.

Do students work in the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center is a clinical site for students in undergraduate nursing and athletic training programs. We also serve as clinical preceptors for graduate nurse practitioner students. Your consent is required to allow a student to participate in or observe your care.

All students doing clinical practice or working in Hazen have received training specific to health standards, including confidentiality, policies and procedures. They work directly under the supervision and guidance of the professionally licensed clinical staff.

What supplies should I bring to college?

For many students, college is the first time they will be living without their parents or guardians. For information on how best to be prepared for minor illnesses/injuries while away at college, check out our Healthy College List.

What about a pre-entrance physical?

Any student planning to participate in NCAA Athletics is required to have a pre-entrance physical within 6 months of entering The College at Brockport.

For all other students, a pre-entrance physical is not required, but is highly recommended. This along with your medical history is important so that we can provide the best possible health care for you.

More information

NOTE: Pre-entrance physicals CANNOT be done at The College at Brockport Student Health Center. If you don't have a primary care physician, we can refer you to one locally. Remember, it can take several weeks to get an appointment, so plan ahead.

Do I need a physical every year?

No! However, many students will need a physical for employment, travel or ROTC. These can be done at the Student Health Center at no extra charge.

NCAA athletes are required to have a pre-entrance physical within 6 months of entering The College at Brockport, then complete an online health assessment form each year they continue their sport. The initial pre-entrance physical is good for 5 years.

Where can I get allergy shots?

The preferred option is to continue with your allergist or current doctor. If you are a distance from home and that option is not feasible for you, our local allergists, Dr. Anitha Shrikhande and Lindsay Short, FNP, will be able to provide this service for you. Their office, Westside Allergy Care, is located in Brockport at 122 West Avenue, a short distance from Strong West (our local emergency room), and an easy walk from campus.

You will need to contact Westside Allergy Care at (585) 637-3910 to arrange a visit before you receive injections. They will review your doctor’s treatment recommendations and your current injection schedule. Please bring copies of your last doctor’s exam, serum and instruction sheets. Their staff will work with your insurance as well as arranging appointment times for your injections. Your usual copay for office visits will apply.

Please be sure you schedule your initial appointment with Westside Allergy Care BEFORE your shots are needed to ensure that you continue to receive timely injections. You must complete the outside patient form before you can be seen by them.

If you do not have your own mode of transportation, please make a plan in advance to either walk to Westside Allergy Care, ask a friend for a ride, or take an uber, lyft, or other third party transportation service to get to your appointment. The College at Brockport does not provide transportation to this office for students.

What do I do if the Health Center is closed and I have a medical question or concern?

When the Student Health and Counseling Centers are closed, we have contracted with a nurse advice line, FONEMED to answer medical questions and concerns. Registered nurses with FONEMED are available to talk with students to help them determine whether they should:

  • seek immediate medical or psychological evaluation at a local Emergency Department
  • schedule an appointment with Health or Counseling Services on campus
  • utilize self-care strategies.

FONEMED is intended for medical advice only. Please note that they are NOT located on-campus and do not have access to your personal medical record. Therefore, they cannot tell you your immunization compliance, call in prescriptions or provide your lab or x-ray results.

After regular office hours, Brockport students can contact FONEMED by calling the Student Health Center at (585) 395-2414 and follow the instructions to connect with FONEMED.

A summary of each call will be faxed to the Student Health Center to ensure proper follow up care.

What is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced academic and clinical experience, which enables them to:

  • Diagnose and manage most common and chronic illnesses, either independently or as part of a health care team.
  • Take medical histories and perform physical examinations.
  • Prescribe medications, order laboratory/diagnostic tests.
  • Work in collaboration with a physician.

NP practice focuses on:

  • Health maintenance.
  • Disease prevention.
  • Counseling and patient education.

With a strong emphasis on primary care, nurse practitioners are employed with a wide variety of specialties.

Most are educated through programs that grant a master's degree. An intensive preceptorship under the direct supervision of a physician or an experienced nurse practitioner, as well as expanded education in physical assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology and social theory are key components to most NP programs.

Last Updated 5/26/21