Patients' Rights and Responsibilities

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You have the right to

  • Considerate and respectful care
  • A smoke-free environment
  • Information regarding your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms you can understand
  • All information needed to give informed consent for any procedure or treatment
  • Refuse treatment and be informed of the medical consequences
  • Expect that your personal privacy will be respected
  • Expect that your medical records will be kept confidential and will be released only with your written consent, or in cases of medical emergencies or for continuity of care with other medical services (including the Counseling Center), or in response to court-ordered subpoenas.
  • Know the names and positions of people involved in your care by official nametag and/or personal introduction
  • Change provider at any time
  • Obtain another medical opinion prior to any procedure
  • Obtain another medical opinion regarding condition by an alternative health care provider at the Student Health Center
  • Review with a health care provider your College @ Brockport medical records in accordance with policy
  • Express concern, grievance or suggestion
    • Concerns and grievances should be directed to the Director of Health Services
    • There are “Comments, Complaints and Compliments” cards in each exam room. These may be placed in the boxes located in the hallway or given to any staff member. Your name and contact information is optional.

You are responsible for

  • Providing complete and honest information about your health
  • Asking questions if you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis or any instructions
  • Participating in your care by following recommendations
  • Keeping appointments or notify the staff as soon as possible if unable to keep appointments
  • Being respectful of the staff and other patients
  • Any charges billed to you, whether by the Health Center or a consulting lab, pharmacy, hospital or physician

Last Updated 8/15/18

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