Leadership Development

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Individual Certificate Programs

The Leadership Development programs offers increasing levels of certificates to students who exhibit individual, group, and societal values. Additional components to the certification programs for educational and mentoring support are Proud Eagles and Men of Color.

Organization Certificate

Organizations that exhibit community involvement, stewardship, and excellence may be recognized through our Organization Certificate Program.

Annual Conference

Our annual Leadership Development Conference allows students, faculty and staff to develop their leadership skills while learning even more about the community.

Campus Leadership Positions

The campus as a whole offers a variety of formal leadership positions for students who want to take the lead! From the Academic Success Center, to Brockport Student Government, find a role that suits your leadership-style best.

Awards & Scholarships

Numerous awards and scholarships recognize student leadership here at SUNY Brockport. Find out if you qualify, and how to apply. 

Last Updated 7/30/21