Living Learning Communities

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Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide unique environments where select groups of students share common residential and learning experiences. Based on disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes, LLCs create intentional links between academic, social, and residential experiences.

The Living Learning Communities program began in 2008 with just two pilot communities: Math & Science and the Brockport Global Village. Since then, the LLC program has grown in size and with nearly 850 students participating each year. Each community has its own set of goals and programming designed to meet those goals.

Benefits to Living in an LLC

  • Living with students who share similar interests and passions
  • Convenient, natural study groups
  • Special on-campus programming
  • Unique field trips off campus
  • Targeted academic enrichment
  • Networking opportunities with Faculty, Staff and Alumni
  • Dedicated LLC Math & Writing Tutors

Last Updated 10/27/20

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