Arriving to Campus

Welcome to Brockport! Refer to the following steps & information to assist you as you arrive to campus.

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Arrival to Campus Checklist

1. Guest Pre-Screening

You will be allowed 1 guest to assist you during the move-in process. That 1 guest will be required to complete a screening at a designated location on campus prior to going into a residence hall or student townhome to move in their student.

NOTE: Guests cannot spend the night and guests will not be allowed in the Residence Halls or Townhomes for the Fall 2020 semester outside of your move in date. They will only be permitted to help you move-in.

2. Move In! 

Go directly to the Residence Hall you were assigned to or Student Townhome Community Center. You will be welcomed by friendly Residential Life/Learning Communities staff members who will help you get settled into your new room for the 2020/2021 academic year!

  • Sanitized moving carts will be available at each on campus housing location to assist in a smooth move in process
  • Please ensure you return the cart to the location you obtained it to be cleaned and offered to another student moving in.

3. Selfie/Student ID

If you did not complete the “selfie” process prior to your arrival OR you do not have your Student ID, you will need to go to Brockway Hall (Building 37 on the campus map) to get a photo taken or a Student ID re-printed.

4. Learn More

Looking for Information on What to Do Before Arriving to Campus?

Before Arrival to Campus Checklist

Last Updated 2/15/21