Before Arriving to Campus

Before you move-in, please be sure to complete these essential steps!

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Before Arrival to Campus Checklist

Looking for information on what to do when you arrive on campus? Find it here: 

Arriving to Campus Checklist

1. Pay Housing Deposit & Complete Housing Preference

  • Pay your advanced housing deposit through WebBanner
  • Fill out your housing preference form in the online housing portal.
    • The housing preference form asks you basic roommate matching questions and helps us in the assignment process. 

2. View Your Housing Assignment & Complete Forms (early August)

In early August you will receive a message to your Brockport email address letting you know that the assignment process is complete and that you can log back into the online housing portal to view your 2020/2021 assignment.

Forms to Complete in the Online Housing Portal:

1. 2020/2021 Student Information Card

  Here you will be required to confirm you’ve read and agree to:

  1.  Brockport's Social Distancing Contract

  2. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines: How to Properly Wear and Wash a Face-Covering

2. Agreement to Terms & Conditions of the On-Campus Housing License
  1. If you are over the age of 18

    You can agree to the terms of the On-Campus Housing License in the online housing portal immediately. 

  2. If you are under the age of 18

    You will need to print out a physical copy of the “2020/2021 License to Occupy a College Residence Hall or Student Townhome.” 

    • This will need to be completed by you and signed by your parent/legal guardian.
    • Once they have signed your housing license, please take a photo of the document with your phone and upload it to the 2020/2021 On-Campus Housing Contract Upload Center in the online housing portal. Note: Unfortunately, we cannot accept HEIC files that sometimes come from new(er) Apple devices. Here are some instructions on how to make sure you are uploading a jpeg or jpg file from an Apple device:
    • Please Click Here to View Upload Instructions 
    • Please Note: If you turn 18 prior to your arrival, you can wait until your birthday to sign the digital contract. For example, if your 18th birthday is on August 20th, and you sign in on August 19th, you will not be able to see the digital contract, only the upload center, which requires you to print/have a parent/guardian sign your contract. However, if you log in on the 20th, the 2020/2021 License to Occupy a College Residence Hall or Student Townhome digital contract will be accessible.

3. Sign Up for a Move-In Date/Time

Students will be required to sign up for a move-in date and time. Students will be provided a link in the online housing portal, when they receive their housing assignment. Move-in is scheduled for Thursday, August 27 - Sunday, August 30 from 8am-6pm each day. Students will be expected to adhere to their move-in date and time, to achieve social distancing during the move-in process.

There will be a limit of one guest (parent, guardian, friend) for the entire move-in process allowed into the residence halls/student townhomes during the move-in process. One guest per student means that guests cannot take turns, or switch off. Guests and students will be required to wear face coverings when moving in and practice social distancing. There will be elevators and carts available to students and their guests to assist with move-in. Students will be required to complete a health screening prior to their arrival to campus. The guest must complete a health screening when they arrive to campus but before they are allowed in the residence halls/ student townhomes. Please do not bring guests that are sick or have traveled recently. 

If students coordinate move-in times with a roommate and/or suitemates, social distancing in their living space must be maintained. This means not all students, and all of their guests, are able to be present in the same space at the same time.

All SUNY students are required to self-isolate for 7 days before arriving to campus. Following up from the email all students received on July 9, 2020, you are required to self-isolate for 7 days before you arrive to campus.

 If you sign up to move-in on this day:  You must start to self-isolate starting on this day:
 Thursday, August 27  Wednesday, August 19
 Friday, August 28  Thursday, August 20
 Saturday, August 29  Friday, August 21
 Sunday, August 30  Saturday, August 22

4. Submit Your "Selfie" (for Incoming First-Year & Transfer Students)

If you are an incoming First-Year or Transfer student, please remember to submit your “Selfie” (following these instructions), so SUNY Brockport can mail you your ID card, prior to your arrival. To receive your student ID card prior to your arrival, please complete this process, including making sure that your selfie meets the checklist requirements, by August 11th at 5pm. Please note that Student ID cards will be mailed to your home address you listed on your application, when you applied to Brockport. You will need to bring your Student ID (along with a Government issued ID) with you on your move in date. If your home address has changed, since you applied, please contact The Office of Registration and Records.

5. Submit Immunization Records

Don’t forget to submit your immunization records. Please visit Hazen Health Center for more information.

6. If Assigned to Eagle, Perry or Bramley Halls: Set Your Room/Suite PIN 

Below you will find a link to an instruction sheet that shows you how to set up your pin code on your mobile device, via With this website, you will also be able to change your pin at any time throughout the school year. We are encouraging you to set your PIN now, to streamline your check in process. The instructions for setting your pin may also be found at: “How to Set Your Room/Suite PIN”.

7. Pack!

For a complete list of suggested items to pack, please click here. In addition, students are required to bring hand sanitizer, face coverings, sanitizing wipes, their own personal refrigerator (not to exceed 5 cubic ft), microwave (not to exceed 700 watts) and a thermometer. A list of CDC approved supplies can be found here. Students are encouraged to limit the amount of belongings they bring to campus. Please note that if it is determined that a student needs to isolate and/or quarantine, students need to go home. Students and families will need to arrange private (not public) travel back home as soon as possible. 

When arriving to campus, student do not need to plug in all appliances immediately. Students should communicate with their roommate and/or suitemates in advance. Students are required to store any personal belongings in their living space, including appliances that are not plugged in.

8. Download Our Apps

Download the following Apps on your phone, to make sure you stay connected to our community:

9. Pre-Screen & Self Isolate


Only students who are assigned to live in their residence hall or student townhome will be permitted to enter; guests will not be allowed. Please see the Housing License & Code of Student Conduct for more details.  

Last Updated 2/15/21