Housing Accommodations

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SUNY Brockport’s Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities is committed to meeting the needs of its students and striving for inclusion and access to all Brockport classes, programs and activities. This is done through determining reasonable accommodations or by redesigning aspects of the campus experience, including housing.

Many student needs can be met through the standard room selection process. However, students who believe that they have needs that cannot be met through this process may request disability-related housing accommodations.

Examples of housing-related accommodations for eligible students with disabilities may include:

  1. A residence hall with an elevator
  2. A residence hall with an accessible washroom
  3. A single residence hall room

All requests for reasonable accommodation will be considered.

To request a disability-related housing accommodation, students must-

  1. Complete their appropriate housing preference form (Returning, First Year or Transfer Student), in the online housing portal.
  2. Within the preference form, indicate that they are requesting a housing accommodation.
  3. Once the housing preference form is complete, upload any/all documentation* using the secure “Housing Accommodation Upload Center”, which is located in the online housing portal.

*Appropriate documentation must be written description of medical condition and description of proposed alternative through a housing accommodation. The documentation must completed by a licensed health care professional (i.e. physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker) who has treated the student. SUNY Brockport will make all efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to meet student medical needs.

Students may also request a housing accommodation through the Academic Accommodation process, which is outlined at the bottom of this page.

Typically the committee (which consists of members from The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities and Student Accessibility Services) is looking for specific information regarding barriers to accessibility that the student would experience in a typical housing assignment and a link between how the requested housing accommodation would remove that barrier. Requests due solely to a preference or a potential benefit to the student are not typically approved.

Updated Documentation-

If approved, housing accommodations are provided for the current academic year only. Students who have been given an accommodation may be asked to resubmit their request annually (during the room selection process as described above). They must also be prepared to resubmit updated documentation as requested by the Committee.

Assistance Animal Policy-

Please visit our Assistance Animal Policy for more detail, timeline’s and processes.

Academic Accommodations-

The process outlined here is specifically for disability-related requests for housing accommodations. Students wishing to explore academic accommodations due to a documented disability should refer to the information provided by Student Accessibility Services for more information.

Mental and Physical Health-
In an effort to holistically support all students, the Hazen Center for Integrated Care offers both mental and physical health services. To learn more about the Hazen Center for Integrated Care and the services they provide, please click on the link above.

Last Updated 5/26/21