COVID-19 Roommate Questions

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Friends wearing masks for COVID-19

Talk to your roommate(s) about these important questions and get on the same page about COVID-19


  • Do you wear a face covering in public?
  • When will we wear a face covering in our living space?
  • What are your hand washing tendencies?
  • How are you upholding social distancing policies?
  • What are your personal thoughts on the COVID-19 situation?
  • Are you taking additional precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19?
  • Do you know someone who has been directly impacted by or diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • What is our plan to stay healthy and control the spread of COVID-19?


  • Where and when do you like to do course work?
  • How have you spent your time during the pandemic?
  • As restaurants and other public places reopen, what are your plans?
  • Will you immediately visit these establishments, or take time before venturing out?
  • How often do you visit or stay with family, significant other, or friends?
  • Do you have any travel planned?


  • If at least one roommate feels unsafe or is uncomfortable with having others over, are you willing to honor that? Please note for on campus, only students who are assigned to live in their residence hall or student townhome will be permitted to enter; guests will not be allowed.
  • Are you willing to have a chore chart with extra cleaning and disinfecting schedules?
  • If one roommate or suitemate is directed to isolate and/or quarantine, are you willing to also?
  • If SUNY Brockport residence halls close at any point during the semester, what are your plans?

Last Updated 9/22/22