Thanksgiving Break Notice and Information

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The Residence Halls and Student Townhomes will remain open through Thanksgiving break. 

If you plan to be here all or part of the break, we are requesting that you notify us here:

Thanksgiving Break Notification Form

If you plan to stay on-campus during the break, please note the following:

  • There will be NO meals served OR food available on-campus during the Thanksgiving break. Students, who remain on-campus for Thanksgiving break, will be responsible for preparing their own meals and securing their own food.
  • If you need assistance during the break, please contact the duty phone number that will be posted throughout your building.
  • There is also a Resident Director on-duty, who can be contacted at 585-734-3925
  • If there is an EMERGENCY, please contact University Police at  585-395-2222

If you plan to stay during the break, you have read and understand the On-Campus Housing License, in particular any/all mention of housing during extended breaks.

Please also continue to review Bringing Brockport Back for any/all updates related to COVID-19.

If you will be leaving for the entire break, you must carefully check your bedroom and suite rooms to make sure that all:

  • All electronics (including TV’s, computers, etc..) are unplugged and turned off.
  • Blinds are down and open (1st floor residents: close your blinds)
  • Windows are closed and locked
  • Perishable food is removed
  • Rooms are cleaned and trash is removed
  • Doors are locked

If you have any questions related to Thanksgiving break, please feel free to email us at or by calling  585-395-2108

Last Updated 9/22/22