How to Upload Your Eagle2Eagle

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How to Upload Your Eagle2Eagle in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1

Take a photo of your completed Eagle2Eagle document with your cell phone or other mobile device.

Step 2

Login to the Online Housing Portal from

Housing Portal

Step 3

Log in using your NetID and password (the same information you would use to access your email).

Sign In

Step 4

Tap “2020/2021 Eagle2Eagle Upload Center”

Eagle Upload Center

Step 5

Tap “Choose file” and select the image of your Eagle2Eagle and then tap “Upload” 

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot accept HEIC files that sometimes come from new(er) Apple devices. Here are some instructions on how to make sure you are uploading a jpeg or jpg file from an Apple device:

Upload Eagle2Eagle

Step 6

Once uploaded, you will get a confirmation notice.

Eagle2Eagle Uploaded

Last Updated 9/22/22