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We realize that holding a job while attending The College at Brockport may be necessary for you to finance your education and advance toward your career goals.

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The Office of Student Employment is ready to assist you. We advertise on-campus jobs for over 100 College departments and many area employers. More than 2,300 students find all types of jobs each year, and they collectively earn more than $2.9 million.

Quick Answers

How can I tell if I qualify for Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study is a form of student financial aid. You may view your financial aid by signing on to Web Banner and going to the Financial Aid menu.

If Work-Study is in your financial aid package and you have "accepted" it, you may now apply for Work-Study jobs. Other students who have not been awarded Work-Study should apply for Non-Work-Study jobs.

How do I find a job?

All jobs are advertised on Eagle Connect powered by Handshake, an online database of on-campus, off-campus, internships, and full and part-time jobs. See also BASC jobs site. BASC runs our dining services and is one of largest employers on campus.

Choose those jobs of interest and contact the employer to interview for the job. Remember that you will be competing with other students for a limited number of jobs.

There is no central application form - you must contact each of the individual postings to apply. Most employers will set up an interview, but some may ask for a résumé or an application form. Be patient if you do not hear right away; supervisors must consider many applicants with varying qualifications and schedules.

All students applying for jobs are categorized as Work-Study eligible or non-Work Study eligible. How can I tell which I am?

Work-Study: If you apply for financial aid and you check off that you are interested, you are automatically considered for a form of aid called Federal Work-Study. If eligible, a dollar amount will appear on your financial aid letter. Work-Study provides an opportunity to work and earn up to the amount of your “award.” Since we offer Work-Study to only a few hundred students and have a comparable number of jobs, Work-Study is desirable to use- finding a job is almost a sure thing. We do have a limited amount of work-study funding to offer students, so it is important to apply early for financial aid.

Non-Work-Study: Two-thirds of the students hired each year do not receive Work-Study. If you are in this category, visit Eagle Connect for a listing of non-Work-Study jobs. Remember that, since any Brockport student is eligible to apply, jobs are competitive. There are approximately 8,600 students on campus and all are eligible to apply. Start your job search early!

Why should I work?

  • First and most obvious is financial assistance. Students earn money to help pay their living expenses, offset college costs and reduce student loans. Students get a paycheck every two weeks; they may use the money for whatever they choose. All campus jobs pay a minimum of $11.10 per hour.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, students who work perform well academically. In fact, working students at The College at Brockport have higher grades than their non-working classmates. Over 78 percent of our employed students agree or strongly agree that "work significantly contributes to one’s overall educational experience."
  • Retention is enhanced. Students, particularly freshmen, are more likely to stay in school if they work on campus. Dr. Lee Noel, a national authority on student success, writes,“With campus jobs, students automatically become involved with the campus…. Their student employment provides them with an easy way of belonging, a natural tie-in to at least one office on campus.”
  • Work experience boosts careers, according to surveys of both employers and students. At The College at Brockport, 84 percent of students agree that work “provides a student with skills which are an advantage in the post-graduate job market.” A national survey of human resource directors revealed 89 percent thought work experience was as important as grades in hiring applicants.

See more research on student employment and its benefits.

When are jobs available?

We advertise jobs continuously. Most campus departments begin hiring in the summer and continue hiring into the fall semester, but many begin advertising in the spring for fall openings. These supervisors will be interviewing and hiring as candidates apply. The best jobs fill first. Jobs are posted and filled year-round, so if you are not successful at first, be persistent. Check often and ask us for suggestions.

How do I get started?

  • All students hired on campus must visit Student Employment to complete required paperwork. Work-Study eligible students who have not completed their work authorization at Student Employment by October 1 will be assumed to be not interested and have the Work-Study award canceled.
  • For on-campus jobs, we must check that all students hired are eligible to work To work on campus students must provide The College at Brockport with original documents that establish their (personal identity) and (eligibility) to work in the United States. These documents will be used to complete the I-9 and tax forms required by federal and state law. All I-9's and tax forms are to be completed in Student Employment BEFORE students begin working. Students may choose from the List of Acceptable Documents which forms of identification they would like to provide to become authorized to work on campus. These documents MUST be original. We cannot accept photocopies or faxes and the documents cannot be expired.
  • Graduate students All student employment options are open to graduate students. In addition, graduate students may qualify for teaching or research graduate assistantships. Information about these positions is available from your major department, and on Eagle Connect.
  • International students have additional requirements and limitations.

Wages and Payment for Student Employment

All campus jobs pay at least the Federal minimum wage. We operate evaluation and wage-step processes, so it is possible to earn more based on performance and longevity. Most jobs schedule eight to 12 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week may hurt grades, so we normally restrict students employed on campus to no more than 20 hours per week.

Students get a paycheck every two weeks; those students receiving Federal Work-Study are required to use money for educational related expenses. We encourage direct deposit of your paycheck for on-campus jobs. This ensures you can receive paychecks over semester breaks and in a timely fashion. Direct deposit forms are available online, or you can pick one up at Payroll (Allen Administration Building, 4th floor) or Student Employment (Rakov Center, Room 101).

Students receiving Work-Study or being paid through temporary service are able to get their first paycheck direct deposited into their bank account if the direct deposit form is returned promptly after they are hired. Note: Those students who are employed by the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) and are paid through temporary service will have their first paycheck issued to them directly. This is a policy established by the BASC Payroll Office. Once that first check has been received all others will be direct deposited into your bank account if the appropriate forms have been filled out and submitted. Student employees may sign up for direct deposit at anytime during the academic year.

Use of Federal Work-Study Funds for Community Service

This requirement promotes the employment of Federal Work-Study students in community service activities and provides an opportunity for an institution to meet the seven percent community service expenditure requirement. This would include students employed in projects that teach civics in schools, raise awareness of government functions or resources or increase civic participation.

Use of Federal Work-Study Funds in the Event of a Major Disaster

An institution located in any area affected by a major disaster may make Federal Work-Study payments for educational costs to disaster-affected students for the period of time (not to exceed the award period) in which the students were prevented from fulfilling their Federal Work-Study obligations. To qualify for these payments disaster-affected students must be unable to be reassigned to other Federal Work-Study jobs by the institution after the occurrence of the major disaster and must be unable to fulfill his or her Federal Work-Study obligation for all or part of the Federal Work-Study award period. The amount paid to the student must be an amount equal to or less than the amount of Federal Work-Study wages the student would have been paid had the student been able to complete the work obligation necessary to receive funds.

A major disaster must be declared by the President of the United States. The counties or parishes covered by the President's declaration are provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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For more information, contact Student Employment at (585) 395-2159 or

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