Today’s Union is named after James and William Seymour. These brothers were influential members of the village as well as the Normal School.

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James helped to co-found the Village of Brockport, and William helped to develop and manufacture agricultural machinery. William also had ties to the College as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Today, the Union is home to many offices:

  • Student Union and Activities
  • Community Development
  • the Space
  • the Institute for Engaged Learning
  • the Leadership Development Program
  • Conferences and Events
  • Brockport Student Government
  • 89.1 the Point
  • The Stylus

Jitterbugs Café, Union Square and the Barnes & Noble Bookstore are also located within the Union. Make sure U stop in to check out all the Union has to offer — and grab some popcorn!


The Seymour College Union went through renovations and updated many of its pre-existing features, reopening in its revamped state on April 3, 1994.


Imagine the College without Brockport Student Government or the Student Union and Activities office. In the 1970s, the Union was comprised of the Union Board of Managers (UBM). The UBM was responsible for events like Homecoming, a fall event series, and a summer activities list.


Promotional materials began to circulate highlighting new features in the Student Union. New features included an increase in the number of lounges, information on college policies, and even a bar, called the Rathskeller.


Work began on the construction of the Seymour College Union, to accommodate a growing student body.


Originally located in Lathrop (home today to University Police and the Department of Nursing), the Union has always been a place for students to get together, have fun and relax. While in Lathrop, the Union consisted of TV lounges, meeting rooms, a snack bar and an office for the student newspaper, The Stylus.

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