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Popcorn has been one of the main attractions in the Seymour College Union since 2011. Originally popped in the Gallery Lounge and Game Room, students could stop in, play pool and enjoy the delectable kernels. But in an effort to increase traffic in the Student Union, a second popcorn machine was placed near the Information Desk during the spring 2011 semester. Since then, popcorn consumption has soared!

Computer Lounge

Found on the lower level of the Union, the lounge provides access to Dell computers with Internet access and a printer, while the entire building has wireless Internet capabilities. All students are able to use this lounge and must be registered with Student Union and Activities.

Commuter Lounge

The commuter lounge is located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union. This area is equipped with tables to complete work, couches to sit back and relax, a pool table and a microwave.

Lockers are also provided in the lounge. They are available for daily use and must be registered with Student Union and Activities. Students must bring their own lock to secure valuables.

Looking for more information on commuter services? Visit the Off-Campus Student Services webpage.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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