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Amanda Berg college keepsakes
  • 2019-03-01
  • Meghan Finnerty

The Fourth Time Was the Charm

A Brockport senior took her time finding the right college. Three schools and four transfers later, Amanda Berg found her home.

Senior Amanda Berg was enrolled at three different colleges over the course of her undergraduate career before she found her Amanda Bergplace at SUNY Brockport.

That’s four transfers before her May 2019 graduation date.

Whatever college Berg attended — SUNY Potsdam, Monroe Community College, University of the Arts Philadelphia, MCC again — she worked odd jobs and kept her love of writing as a side hobby.

“My RomCom is with journalism,” she said, likening journalism to the best friend role in romantic movies. “[When] you realize that you’re in love with them at the very last minute, they’ve been there all along for you, they’ve been supporting you … that’s really the only way I can put it.”

In 2013, Berg attended SUNY Potsdam to study communications with a film studies minor. Over the course of the year, she began to connect with the classes in her film studies program. However, Berg realized Potsdam wasn't for her and transferred to MCC.

“I didn't really know how to do college at that point,” she said.

Berg started studying Cinema and Screen Studies at MCC in the fall of 2014. Berg says she fell in love with photography and film. Outside of her part-time jobs and class load, she was the editor-in-chief of the Monroe Doctrine, MCC’s student newspaper.

She graduated with an associate's degree and transferred to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. It was her dream school, but after one semester and a summer session, she dropped out for financial reasons.

“It was completely devastating,” she explained.

Without a solid direction, Berg came back to Rochester, picked up employment, and enrolled in another class at MCC. She landed an internship with WXXI News, which sparked her interest in radio.

Berg made her last transfer in the fall of 2017 to Brockport. But as a commuter with a busy work schedule, Berg wasn’t connecting with campus opportunities.

“I was still really focused on working a lot,” she said.

A conversation with Instructor Warren Kozireski was a turning point. He encouraged Berg to join the College's radio station, WBSU 89.1 The Point.

“We had a conversation about what she was doing in terms of out-of-the-classroom experiences. She, like many students, claimed she didn't have time to do anything,” said Kozireski, director of The Point.

Berg took his advice to heart and dove head first into her Brockport experience. She started building a community of college friends while gaining experience for her résumé. She was even hired as the news director at The Point, one of about 50 students involved a semester.

89.1 The Point

“It honestly just changed everything … everything just became super solidified, and I had so many opportunities,” said Berg.

She landed a job with Spectrum News in Buffalo and will graduate from Brockport in May.

“When I think of Brockport, I think of The Point,” she said. “I just have this appreciation for finding something that I really love.”

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