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 Dean of the School of Business and Management Dan Goebel

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  • 2020-02-03
  • John Follaco

New Business Dean Articulates Vision

Dan Goebel is eager to innovate in order to meet the needs of the business community.

Continuous improvement. That’s what drives Dan Goebel, the new dean of SUNY Brockport’s School of Business and Management. It’s also why Goebel feels he’s a perfect match for his new school.

“This is a student-oriented campus and a student-oriented school. It’s one where the faculty spend the time necessary to help students be successful,” he said. “There’s a real appetite for positive change and continuous improvement — and that’s really what I’m all about.”

It’s a statement that is supported by his accomplishments. During his prior stops at Northern Arizona University and Illinois State University, Goebel has been part of efforts to innovate both curricular and cocurricular programs.

There is one program, in particular, that Goebel seems to have a real fondness for. It’s a Professionalism Program that he spearheaded while he was associate dean at Illinois State’s College of Business.

The program helps students develop the “soft skills” that they need to help land their first job and that are also critical to career advancement once they do. These skills include résumé development, professional networking, interviewing, professional day-to-day interactions, financial literacy, mentoring, and much more. Freshmen and sophomores are mentored by the college’s upperclassmen. Those upperclassmen receive a professional mentor. Goebel said the program helped get freshmen off to a much better start and ultimately aided retention.

“Those are the things that are important to help our students get a leg up on the competition,” he said.

New program development has also been a hallmark of Goebel’s career. He’s been part of efforts to launch new programs in professional sales, risk management, and business analytics. Should Brockport’s School of Business and Management expect similar innovation? "Absolutely," says Goebel. In what areas? That remains to be seen.

“Businesses are going to tell us what they need. They’ll tell us if our students need to be better prepared in a certain area,” Goebel said. “I think the school is ready for that kind of innovation. We can’t survive delivering the same types of degrees that we delivered 15, 20, 25 years ago. Businesses have moved on and we need to move on and innovate, as well.”

Goebel worked in the business world for a decade before beginning his career in academia. His experience included working for two Fortune 500 companies (Frito Lay and AE Staley Manufacturing Company).

“I think it definitely brings some credibility when I speak with recruiters, company representatives, and advisory board members,” Goebel said. “And I can utilize some of the operating principles those companies had in managing an operation like a business school.”

Goebel is eager to build on his past experiences in both industry and academia at Brockport. He has already developed a clear vision for the School of Business and Management.

“We aim to be a school of choice for employers who seek professionals prepared to go to work, contribute, and be successful in a dynamic and global business environment.”

Last Updated 7/29/21

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