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Exercise Physiology Lab
  • 2019-03-28
  • Anthony Arnone

Exercise Physiology Lab Receives State-of-the-Art Renovations

In its brand new location in the heart of Tuttle North, the renovated exercise physiology lab is nearly double its original size and features brand new equipment.

With exercise science enrollment at SUNY Brockport growing rapidly, the program was quickly outgrowing its original facility. Program Director Craig Mattern decided it was necessary to renovate the exercise physiology lab in order to ensure the integrity of the high-quality education the program offers.

“This location allows potential new students visiting for sports and other activities to see the extensive possibilities at Brockport,” said supervisor of the exercise physiology lab Eric Sandler.

While funding is sometimes a concern regarding these projects, the initiative was supported by Director of Planning John Osowski. Osowski applied for the State and Municipal Facilities Program grant through the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, worth around $100,000.

“The grant covered the physical renovations, and the dean’s office was able to help with the finance of new equipment,” Mattern said.

With funding secured, the renovations were completed in only eight months.

An advantage to the new location is that the lecture room, research room, and lab are all connected to Sandler’s office. This allows students the opportunity to dedicate more hours to research, as Sandler can work from his office while overseeing the students.

“Having open lab hours is great for our students,” Mattern said. “With Sandler’s office directly connected, it allows our students extra hours for hands-on learning and research.”

The renovations have paid off with positive effects on student learning. Groups of students can now work on multiple projects at once without having to wait to use certain equipment. The renovations have led to greater awareness and participation in student research.

“The renovations to the exercise physiology lab improved the effectiveness of instruction and our ability to carry out data collection for labs,” said senior exercise science major Holli Morrison. “The separation of the research lab allows us more time and space to collect data for research without interfering with classes.”

The learning experience hasn’t only positively impacted the students. Faculty members are also taking advantage of the new facility.

“Our new 65-inch monitors allow lecturing to be much more efficient,” Sandler said. “I’m able to explain and display information to the entire class without having them all huddle around a small computer screen.”

Faculty and staff hope the renovations to the lab will allow them the opportunity to enhance their community outreach and continue to expand on their increasing enrollment.

Last Updated 7/29/21

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