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Krsitine, Emma, Jason, and Christopher standing on a porch witha  cup in their hand that has their generation written on it
  • 2019-08-28
  • Anthony Arnone

A Brockport Family Legacy

Brockport Student Government President and her brother follow in their family’s footsteps as third-generation students.

When Kristine Littrell ’96 attended SUNY Brockport to earn a certificate of advanced study in educational administration, she didn’t know she would be starting a family legacy that would extend three generations.

Littrell secured a career as a school principal, which wound up being the driving force behind her son Jason Cline ’02/’06 attending Brockport.

“I was in my first year as an English teacher when I spent a day shadowing my mother who was an assistant principal,” Cline said. “That day, I decided I wanted to be a school administrator, and luckily Brockport had a satellite program in the southern tier.”

Cline went on to earn both a master’s degree in education and a certificate of advanced study in educational administration while working and raising his children. When it was time for them to attend college, he already knew where he wanted them to go.

“I always tell people how much I enjoyed my education at Brockport,” Cline said. “I would recommend it to anyone.”

After visiting a few college campuses, Cline's daughter Emma Chilson-Cline still wasn’t sure where she would dedicate the next four years of her life. Then she visited Brockport.

“Initially, I didn’t want to attend Brockport because my father always told me I should go there,” Chilson-Cline said. “When I came for my tour, I knew my decision immediately — I just fell in love with the campus.”

Chilson-Cline's tour took place during the chaos of finals week, and the bustling library grabbed her interest.

“When I saw the library, I remember thinking, ‘This looks like a place where you can really learn,’ which really stood out to me,” she said.

Chilson-Cline is now a junior working toward a degree in political science, but that hasn’t always been the case. It wasn’t until she joined Brockport Student Government (BSG) that she realized she could have a career in politics.

“I started as an election commissioner with BSG when I was a freshman, and that year, BSG had an issue with the election,” Chilson-Cline said. “I had to stay up the entire night outlining the election process, and that was when I realized I loved legislation.”

Chilson-Cline was elected BSG president at the end of the following year, making her the first junior to be elected to that role in nearly two decades. As president, she wants to work with the College to continue educating students in more than just their chosen career fields.

“Being at a liberal arts college like Brockport, we are trying to make better citizens as much as we are preparing them for the workforce,” Chilson-Cline said. “Brockport isn’t just a job-training facility; we are helping our students become better people.”

Younger brother Christopher Chilson-Cline will continue the family legacy as a freshman at Brockport this fall. While Littrell may not have known she was the beginning of a legacy the day she showed up for classes, she is happy her family has found a home at Brockport.

“It has been a pleasure to revisit Brockport and see it through the eyes of my grandchildren,” Littrell said. “I look forward to following their experiences, and I especially anticipate being there when they walk across the stage at their own Brockport graduation."

Last Updated 7/29/21

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