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Move-in outside Thompson Hall
  • 2021-08-25
  • Meghan Finnerty

Moving Into Brockport: Step-By-Step Guide

All individuals visiting SUNY Brockport must where a facemask while indoors.

SUNY Brockport kicks off the 2021-22 academic year with Welcome Week from August 25–September 2.

Welcome Week is packed with events and information organized to help introduce incoming students to the Golden Eagle community. When it comes to moving in, families can sit back and leave it to the 500 volunteers.

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Residence hall room

Step One: Arrival Testing

You’ll want to park in Lot V by the SERC. Students (only) should then enter the SERC and get in line for arrival testing (no appointment needed). Make sure you know your email or Brockport ID (It starts with 800). This process is expected to take 30 minutes. If you traveled alone and have bags, we have a baggage drop inside. When you’re done, exit the West side and head back to your car.

Move-in parking

Step Two: Find parking.

You’ll want to park in the lot nearest your residence hall and leave your belongings in your vehicle. There will be one-way traffic for Residence Drive on Thursday and Friday. Use our map to help navigate from the SERC to your Residence Hall.

Move-in check-in

Step Three: Walk to your on-campus housing assignment.

But don’t try to lug your stuff in. Enter inside your housing assignment. Inside students will check in and receive any keys they may need. Dont know your assignment? Visit

Move-in volunteers

Step Four: Meet your volunteers.

Students and families will be directed to tents set up outside. Volunteers will meet you there and take a golf cart and trailer back to your vehicle. (It’s possible there could be a slight wait, anywhere from five to 20 minutes.)

Residence hall room

Step Five: Head to your room.

Volunteers will help load up your belongings and bring them to your assigned room. The way Brockport runs move-in, this should happen in one trip.

Please Note: Only vaccinated individuals or individuals with a recent negative COVID-19 test may enter a building with the student.

Last Updated 8/26/21

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