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 Web Manager Gian Carlo Cervone

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  • 2019-01-08
  • Darcy Porter

Original Offices: Gian Carlo Cervone

Take a look inside Brockport’s most creatively decorated offices.

Name: Gian “G” Carlo Cervone

Title: Web Manager, Office of College Communications

G's desk

A Bit About “G”: Cervone’s educational background began right here in our backyard, continued somewhere quite different, and has come full circle. He attended the Campus School in Brockport until sixth grade and later graduated from Spencerport High School. Cervone then proceeded to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Harvard University in 1983.

Cervone’s early career as a research archeologist at the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) coincided with when the world’s first computers were coming onto the scene. He needed to be able to perform data processing for his work, but the software was few and far between. So, he taught himself how to program computers and created his own.

Eventually, he was in charge of the computer systems at the museum, made the museum’s first website, and worked on an electronic catalogue for the Rochester Public Library. 

Ten years ago, Cervone left the RMSC and came to Brockport.  

His Career Specialty: “Making software do the stuff that it doesn’t do, but we want it to,” he said. Now, he does just that for our website.

Address on Campus: 44B Drake Memorial Library

G's door

Office Décor Inspiration: Music. It was Cervone’s first love. His office is decorated with a combination of jazz and blues music paraphernalia, as well as interesting cartoons that he’s collected over the years.

His office is only a smattering of his musical interests: BlueNote Label record covers, posters from concerts he’s been to, and famous musicians he feels connected to. But, there is so much more than what you see in Drake 44B. Outside of work, he plays piano and organ in blues and jazz bands, writes classical music, and was a choral director at the Genesee Country Village & Museum.

G's music items

Playlist: Gian Carlo Cervone

Favorite Items in the Office: Pictures of people who are close to him and a drawing by one of them.

Interior Design in One Word: “Me.”

Papers on G's wall

Favorite Thing About Brockport: “How do I put it? I have this connection to it,” said Cervone, thinking back to when he was six years old. His dad was a faculty member in the music department. He lived within walking distance of the College on Holley Street and grew up going to and sometimes performing in the concerts in Tower Fine Arts Center.

“Brockport has been around, or I’ve been around Brockport — for a long time. It’s ironic to come back and be working here,” he said. His now-office is in the same building he worked in one summer as a child.

Cervone fondly remembers visiting Drake Memorial Library with his dad and taking out big piles of books to read at home. Now, Drake is his home away from home.

G's music wall

Last Updated 5/26/21

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