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 Adjunct Lecturer Emily DeVito '14

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  • 2019-10-21
  • Darcy Porter

Original Offices: Emily DeVito

Take a look inside Brockport’s most creatively decorated offices.

Name: Emily DeVito ’04

Title: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Education, Then & Now: DeVito is a member of BAWAFAS: Brockport Alumni Who Are Faculty And Staff. She graduated from SUNY Brockport in 2004 with a degree in Spanish and a concentration in literature. Her mentor at the time, Andrea Parada, who is now her department chair, encouraged her to pursue a graduate degree in Spanish — which she did, at the University of Georgia. Currently, she is working towards her PhD at the University at Buffalo.

Here at Brockport, DeVito teaches Spanish 111. Although she’s been working at the College on and off since 2008, she says she’s now here to stay.

Address on Campus: Liberal Arts Building 141

Her office is located in what could be equated to a cul-de-sac — perfectly nestled in a little alcove off of the main hallway, neighboring a conference room, a kitchenette, and a quaint sitting area.

Her office is designed to house two faculty members, but for now, she shares it with only her Buffy the Vampire Slayer figurines.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection

Office Décor Inspiration: Mainly, Buffy

She began binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2010 on Netflix and instantly became hooked. Following her obsession, she happened upon a Facebook Marketplace listing for a complete set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figurines, and the rest was history.

Now, in addition to making her figurines the focal point of her office, she’ll sometimes bring them to class as a teaching prop to help convey Spanish words, pronouns, sentence structures, and more.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection

Favorite Item: A photo collage of her almost 4-year-old daughter

The photos serve as a daily reminder of why she does what she does — and that she has something important to go home to.

Picture collage

Interior Design in One (+) Word(s): Disorganized, very personal, and welcoming.

DeVito takes pride in the fact that her office is a safe and comfortable place for students to come. She hopes that her “silly figurines” make it more welcoming.

Door poster

Favorite Thing about Brockport: “All of it,” she said, from her fellow “wonderful” faculty members to the students she teaches. She has taught at various other local universities and boasts that none compare to Brockport, especially the students. She said they are some of the most kind, thoughtful, and motivated she’s seen yet in her career.

On top of everything else, she loves the town and “would be a townie” if she could.

More information about the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

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