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  • 2016-10-06
  • Anna Loria

A Sweet Success Story

For Heather Saffer ’10, a bold and innovative approach topped with passion is the recipe for success — and the perfect cupcake.

Entrepreneur, bakery owner, cookbook writer, and competition TV show champion Heather Saffer ’10 doesn’t call herself a baker.

It’s Saffer's gourmet frosting that’s alluring foodies and sweet-tooths alike, setting her apart from the traditional cupcake maker and paving the way for her heightened success.

“One day I realized that my true passion wasn’t for the cupcake itself, but for the decadent topping that cupcakes were designed to deliver,” Saffer said.

Since selling her stores in Rochester, NY, to explore her “true love” and “favorite food,”  — the stuff on top — she has created a booming business through her cookbook deal and all-natural, flavorful frosting creations.

In 2013, Saffer published The Dollop Book of Frosting in which she unveiled her best frosting recipes and the memories that inspired them, highlighting imaginative ways to use and consume her delicious, one-of-a-kind spreads. For those who are less inclined to recreate the masterpieces, Saffer sells jars of her Dollop Gourmet frostings in stores and online.

“When I hear from fans of my products or people who’ve been inspired by my story…that’s rewarding.”

“Heather Cupcakes” isn’t only known for her award-winning bakeries and frosting empire. The world was first introduced to the self-proclaimed “dessert wizard” when she appeared on The Food Network’s baking competition show, Cupcake Wars. Heather reigned supreme against three competitors with her Ultimate Dude cupcake, a chocolate cake with cookie dough filling and peanut butter frosting (her favorite), topped with chocolate chip cookie, caramel drizzle, and sea salt.

A few years after investing the winnings into her business, Saffer made a second national TV appearance as a contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank, through which she received two offers from investors to fund her dreams — dreams made of frosting.

Since her big wins, Saffer has been looking forward to expanding her Dollop Gourmet team, launching a new product, and getting started on her next cookbook through a deal with Sterling Publishing. She takes pride in all that has set the foundation for new opportunities.

“When I take a moment to look back at my bakery; and my cookbook; and the TV shows; and starting Dollop frosting, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment,” Saffer said.

Saffer learned the art of cupcake-making while a student at the College, watching online videos and experimenting in the kitchen while working toward a psychology degree that helped her develop an aptitude for business ownership. Today, she appreciates the support of the Brockport network and its pride in her accomplishments.

“The College has always been super supportive of my endeavors and is always there to celebrate my successes," Saffer said. "I’m honored to be a part of this community.”

How sweet is that?

Last Updated 5/26/21

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