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 Mike Doyle '80

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  • 2017-10-05
  • Anna Loria

Making Waves in Radio and Beyond

Radio expert Michael Doyle ’80 is taking on two new roles: one at his growing company and one at his alma mater as the new chair of the Brockport Foundation.

When Michael Doyle ’80 graduated from SUNY Brockport with a degree in communication and media studies, he didn’t start out in the area of communication he loved most — radio.

A sales career would eventually lead him in that direction.

After five years holding a sales position in publishing, Doyle landed an opportunity to work in radio sales at the station WGY in Schenectady, NY. After 37 years and more than eight steps up the ladder, Doyle is now the regional president of Entercom Communications, the fourth largest radio broadcaster in the United States.

In addition to managing 14 of the network’s 28 markets, including Rochester and Buffalo, NY, Doyle has established a market support group, an inside sales and lead generation team, and a business-to-business inbound marketing program that generates market leads.

“I always wanted to manage radio stations because I love the way audio can be used to tell a story for advertisers and how audio engages the mind of listeners,” said Doyle.

Entercom Communications is expected to merge with CBS Radio within the next few months, which will make it the second largest radio broadcaster in the United States and the largest creator of local audio content. Doyle will continue serving as regional president while also becoming the president of sales operations. Under his new umbrella will be almost 250 radio stations in more than 42 markets. Twenty-two of those markets are among the largest 25 in the United States.

Although technology has changed the way we access music, nearly 93 percent of Americans still tune in to commercial radio every week, according to Doyle.

“I think the size of our new company will allow us to invest in the technology necessary to compete,” said Doyle. “Continuing to learn about how we can use technology to solve advertising problems is the most exciting part of my job.”

One approach Entercom has taken to solving such problems is through its internal agency, SmartReachDigital. Under Doyle’s management, the division provides strategic digital marketing direction to local businesses.

“Audio is an exploding industry now, with the emergence of mobile devices, podcasting, and streaming, but all of that relies on creating content that matters to listeners.” – Mike Doyle

When reflecting upon his career, two facets of Doyle’s professional journey serve as his highest points of pride: his profession’s benevolent effect on the local community and the people with whom he has worked.

“I enjoy identifying and developing talent, whether it’s on the air or in sales or management,” said Doyle.

The source of much of that talent locally is SUNY Brockport. Doyle has mentored and worked alongside a number of Brockport graduates who hold “an impressive work record.”

Doyle finds the community-based service that radio provides to be a rewarding aspect of his career. Like many radio stations, those within Entercom serve as valuable news sources in emergencies. The company has also “raised hundreds of millions of dollars for everything from the Ronald McDonald House to hurricane relief,” according to Doyle. His involvement in service and understanding of its importance stems from his time as president of Brockport Student Government (BSG) during his senior year.

“As BSG president, I learned leadership skills, management skills, and the obligation to give back,” Doyle said. “When I talk to other alumni, they are looking for ways to give back, too.”

Doyle has served on the Brockport Foundation’s Board of Directors twice in his life — once as an ex-officio member through BSG and again today as an accomplished alumnus. His mission of advancing the generosity and success of graduates, bolstering the programs in which current students participate, and engaging recent graduates while finding alternative ways to do the same with older generations will be the basis of his platform as the Foundation’s new chair.

“We (alumni) all owe a debt of gratitude to the College,” said Doyle. “The Foundation is one way I hope to help.”

Last Updated 7/29/21

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