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Sara Brooks
  • 2019-11-12
  • Darcy Porter

Real-Live Rooms: Sara Brooks

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.

Name: Sara Brooks '22

Address: Perry Hall (which she claims had the best furniture of all the high-rise residence halls) in a six-person suite. She shares a double room with her roommate — who is also named Sara!

Bio: As an English major, Brooks's goal is to become either a Kindergarten or first-grade teacher. She hails from Rome, NY, which is how she met her roommate of two years. They both attended high schools in Oneida County.

Sara Brooks in her room

Fashion Inspiration: All things Pinterest. Her go-to move: Look at Pinterest for inspiration, and then find similar items in stores.

Where She Shops: Mostly TJ Maxx and Target

Here’s her haul:

  • "Be Happy" Neon Sign (Target, $25)
  • Accent Pillows (TJ Maxx, varied prices)
  • Macramé Plant Hangers (TJ Maxx, $15)
  • Assorted Plants (Lowes, varied prices)

Signs and pillows

Décor Tips: Less is more. Brooks said she had way too many items for her room during freshman year. This year, she opted for things that were both practical and cute, to cut back on clutter. 

Also — plants. Brooks incorporated a variety of live plants into her room design to give it some hominess. Not only do the plants add color and liveliness to the room, but they give her something to look forward to. She loves taking care of the “ladies,” as she calls them.


Favorite Part About Living at Brockport: Getting to live with all of her best friends. She met her suitemates during freshman year at a social event on campus, and they clicked right away. She said the friend-filled suite prevents her from feeling lonely or isolated — and she was even nominated to decorate their common room.

Can’t Live Without: Blankets and an upholstered step stool she uses to climb into her lofted bed. At 4’10", it was pretty much a necessity.

Step stool

Last Updated 5/26/21

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