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 L-R: Sophomores Brooklyn Fensterer and Cayleigh Dillon

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  • 2020-12-02
  • Darcy Porter

Real-Live Rooms: Brooklyn Fensterer & Cayleigh Dillon

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.  

Names: Brooklyn Fensterer and Cayleigh Dillon

Class Year: 2023

Majors: Public Health (Fensterer) and Psychology (Dillon)

Residence Hall: McFarlane


Q&A With the Roomies:

First, how did you two get paired up as roommates?

"We met on the SUNY Brockport Class of 2023 Facebook group when we were committed to Brockport as incoming freshmen. We hit it off and decided to room together from there."

Brooklyn's side

What was the plan for decorating your room?

"We knew we wanted a homey feel. We would text each other to coordinate who was bringing what. We also decided on a teal and gray color scheme ahead of time so that everything would match. We’re both crafty, so we each contributed a DIY project to help give the room that truly homey vibe."

Fensterer's side

Tell us more about these DIY projects.

Fensterer: "I made the shelving units above our beds. I used standard wood to build them and painted them blue. I also built the headboards, which are just a sheet of wood covered in fabric. The blue shelves plus the gray headboards are a great way to tie in the color scheme."

Blue shelves

Dillon: "I made the initials signs, as well as the Long Island sign to personalize my side of the room just a bit more."

Long Island sign

Where They Shop:

Mostly Target and Kohls. They both brought their own throw pillows from home to save on costs.

Décor Tips:

  • Coordinate ahead of time to help pull the room together.
  • Fill the walls to avoid a bare and boring look.

Photo wall

Favorite Parts about Living at Brockport:

Both said freedom. Their first time away from home has proven to be refreshing and exciting. They also both appreciate the beautiful scenery around campus.

Last Updated 5/26/21

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