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Student presenting at Scholar's Day
  • 2019-04-04
  • Anthony Arnone

36th Annual Scholars Day Offers Students the Opportunity to Share Their Work

With just shy of 300 presentations and almost 700 presenters, Scholars Day is shaping up to be one of the largest so far.

Scholars Day is one of SUNY Brockport’s flagship events and will be held on April 10. All undergraduate students are given the day off from class to attend their peers' presentations while celebrating scholarship and creativity.

“For an entire day, the campus revolves around this event,” said Scholars Day coordinator Jules Oyer. “All aspects of our campus community come together to make sure it’s successful.”

In her fourth year as coordinator, Oyer’s biggest addition to the event was the inclusion of “Poster Palooza.” This year, 151 posters will be on display ranging across the field of academics.

The rest of the day is broken into six sessions from 9 am to 8:30 pm. Check out a sneak peek at a few of the presentations below.

Review of Literature: Does Cannabidiol have a Positive Impact on Psychological Disorders?

This literature review looks into the history of the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The review focuses particularly on the rise of research into Cannabidiol (CBD) as a method to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and other similar psychological disorders.

Conversations with Congress: Gun Control

A professional panel delves into the different aspects of gun control. The panel aims to cover a wide spectrum of opinions on the issue and show the divided nature of the United States Congress when it comes to this controversial topic.

Outdoor Raku Firing

This special exhibit focuses on the ceramic firing technique known as “raku.” This firing process was developed by Japan during the 16th century and uses combustion to create unique ceramics. The exhibit will take place outside of the Tower Fine Arts building and feature an ongoing series of raku firings.

Don’t Trump the Truth

This documentary seeks to debunk the misconceptions about African countries — featuring students of African descent in response to controversial comments made by the 45th President of the United States about African countries.

Ephemeral Art, Live Composition

This live dance performance will take place in the McCue Auditorium, where 20 undergraduate dance majors will engage the audience through live research of iconic postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown.

Scholars Day is branching out to feature an event for graduate students and a dance concert. There will be a poster session held at Brockport Downtown for graduate students and an extra session from 6 to 8 pm for a dance concert.

“This is a focused moment to raise up the arts, so people can understand the intersection of academics and artistry,” Oyer said.

More information about all of the presentations at this year’s Scholars Day can be found on the session schedule.

Last Updated 7/29/21

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