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  • 2018-11-28
  • John Follaco

Brockport Thrives in College Ranking Focused on Economic Mobility

Social Mobility Index ranks the College among the top 100 in the nation.

SUNY Brockport is among the top 100 colleges and universities in the country based on how effectively it enrolls students from low-income backgrounds and graduates them into well-paying jobs.

CollegeNet, Inc., a provider of web-based on-demand technologies for higher education, has developed a ranking system designed to reward colleges that are broadly advancing economic opportunity for US citizens. Its 2018 Social Mobility Index ranks Brockport No. 98 — a ranking that was based on the College’s tuition, the economic background of its students, its graduation rate, the early career salary of its alumni, and its endowment. 

The Social Mobility Index (SMI) gives the most weight to an institution’s tuition and the economic background of its students, saying that these are areas over which policy makers have nearly complete control (Brockport’s tuition, and the tuition of all SUNY institutions, is set by the New York State legislature).

“Unlike other college rankings that are aimed primarily at helping students select a college, the SMI helps families and policymakers determine which colleges are addressing the national problem of economic mobility,” said Jim Wolfston, CEO of CollegeNet. “Administrators have a better chance to help strengthen US economic mobility and the promise of the American Dream if they can identify and learn from colleges that are skilled at doing this.”

The findings of the Social Mobility Index rankings are consistent with the metric that Brockport has most consistently thrived in as part of the US News & World Report rankings — predicted vs. actual graduation rates. The College regularly graduates more of its students than the experts predict due to the characteristics of its cohort.

Brockport Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Katy Heyning believes this is a testament to the work the College’s faculty does to ensure student success.

“What continues to impress about the Brockport faculty is the time and support they offer our students,” Heyning said. “The positive impact we can make on our students is profound, and rankings such as this validate how we are able to help build meaningful lives post college.”

Last Updated 7/29/21

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