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  • 2019-01-14
  • Meghan Finnerty

University Police Makes A Step Toward A Better Department

The University Police Department at The College at Brockport becomes the 14th accredited SUNY department.

The College at Brockport’s University Police earned a New York State accreditation from The Law Enforcement Agency’s Division of Criminal Justice Services after meeting more than 100 standards.

“I think it makes all of us better. I think it makes our jobs a little bit easier,” said Chief Daniel Vasile. University Police essentially developed a book of policies — complete with checks and balances. If an officer is unsure how to handle a situation, there is a written policy for them to check, Vasile explained.

The department began the road to accreditation in September of 2017, overhauling procedures related to administration, training, and operations in order to meet 110 requirements.

In December, Brockport became the 14th SUNY University Police Department to receive its accreditation. There are 29 total SUNY University Police departments. “Across New York State, we’re trying to get every single one accredited,” Vasile said.

The approval came as a huge relief, he said. Multiple people within the University Police worked on the accreditation process. It's something to be very proud of, Vasile said.

The continual accreditation process will lead to greater consistency and accountability throughout policing. The standards include 21 additional hours of officer training yearly.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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