Kumar Administration and Finance Scholarship

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Philosophy & Purpose

The Edward J. Kumar Administration and Finance Scholarship was established in 2007 to provide the financial means for a child or grandchild of a full-time employee within the Division of Administration & Finance (as of April 1st in the current year) of SUNY Brockport, State University of New York. Children and grandchildren of all full-time employees from all units within the Division--Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities & Planning, Finance & Management, Human Resources, and the Research Foundation office--who enroll at SUNY Brockport as a regularly admitted freshman or transfer student, or are a currently enrolled student continuing their education at SUNY Brockport are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility, Criteria, & Application Process

Students must:

  1. Be the child or grandchild of a full-time employee within the Division of Administration & Finance of SUNY Brockport as of April 1st in the current year;
  2. Be accepted for enrollment as a freshman or transfer student at SUNY Brockport, OR be a currently-enrolled student at SUNY Brockport;
  3. Meet all admissions criteria as established by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions of SUNY Brockport;
  4. File a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by April 1st of the year in which the scholarship is being requested; and,
  5. Must complete the application process as outlined online at the Brockport Foundation's Scholarship web page at https://my.brockport.edu/organization/scholarships.

Number & Scheduling of Awards

  1. The assistance is in the form of a $1,000 educational expense grant to one eligible student per academic year. The scholarship does not automatically renew; however, a recipient may re-apply for this scholarship each year as long as he or she continues to meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. The award will be credited to the student's bill and must be used by the recipient for educational expenses during the academic year in which the award is granted. The recipient must use this award for educational expenses at SUNY Brockport and may not receive the award in cash.
  3. This scholarship is funded with the intention of making annual awards. Future awards are based on the same criteria and selection process for as long as funds are available.

Recipient Selection Process

  1. A committee consisting of the current Vice President for Administration & Finance and his/her direct report staff members will select a recipient based on the criteria above by May 1st. The student's financial need will be considered as a factor in selecting a recipient for this award, with preference given to financial need. The Scholarship Office will verify need based on the FAFSA filed by the student.
  2. The Selection Committee will notify in writing the recipient, the Brockport College Foundation, Inc., the Scholarship Office, and Vice President for Administrative Services Emeritus Edward J. Kumar.

Last Updated 7/29/21