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Brockport Child Development Center Mission Statement

Utilizing developmentally appropriate curriculum focusing on the emotional, cognitive, and motor domains, the Brockport Child Development Center provides the highest quality care and education for children in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Committed to remaining an accredited child development facility, the Brockport Child Development Center fosters personal growth, creativity, and friendship for the children of students, faculty and staff of the College at Brockport, and the families of the greater Brockport community.


Diversity: The Brockport Child Development Center respects, values, and celebrates individual and community differences.

Community: The Brockport Child Development Center enhances the well-being of the people of the State of New York by providing the highest quality education and care for the children of Brockport students, faculty, staff and community members.

Engagement: The Brockport Child Development Center engages the Brockport Community through a variety of academic, vocational, scholarly, and social activities and opportunities.

Excellence: The Brockport Child Development Center provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that utilizes best practices in early childhood education, allowing children to reach their fullest potential.

Transformation: Through honest, respectful, supportive, and empowering communications between staff, administration, and families, the Brockport Child Development Center transforms the community by advocating for child and family wellness. 


The Need to Feel Safe, Protected and Loved

We meet this need by providing clean, well-ordered, hazard-free rooms, soft chairs/couches, rugs, and laps, and rules, which are in place to protect, not prohibit, children to develop, not diminish. Above all else, we meet this need by providing hugs, back rubs, reassuring pats on the back and affirmation from responsive and responsible adults. To protect the children in our care, the parent must sign their child/children in and out daily. Additionally, Brockport Child Development Center will not release a child to anyone without authorization from parent or guardian. A written permission card with names of those who are allowed to pick up the child must be completed upon registration. Any daily changes in picking up may be written on the sign-in/sign-out sheet when signing in the child. Identification may be requested if the staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up the child. Please inform all authorized escorts of this requirement. These procedures are required to provide a safe and protected environment for the children.

The Need for Physical Activity

Brockport Child Development Center realizes that children have a tremendous appetite for physical movement. To meet this need both indoor and outdoor activities are provided. The large, motor room is used daily by all classrooms and outdoor play is encouraged when weather permits. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. In summer, a bathing suit, towel, hat and a bottle of sunscreen are necessary. Boots, hats and mittens should be sent during the winter months. Snow pants or extra pants are also necessary. Safe and appropriate shoes or sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are needed all year. Unless it is raining or bitterly cold, we will be going outside each day. Sometimes just a walk will be taken for an outing. All children will be expected to take part in outdoor activities unless staff are otherwise instructed by a note from the child's physician.

The Need for Nourishing Food and Adequate Rest

We meet this need by providing breakfast, lunch and snacks that meet or exceed CACFP (New York State Health Department) requirements for children ages one to 12. Menus will be posted weekly. Children are encouraged to try all menu items; however, no child is forced to eat. Please do not send additional food with your child. Only children with diagnosed food allergies are allowed to make food substitutions on the menu. A rest/nap time is part of each rooms' daily routine. Please check with your child's teacher about this procedure. Parents are asked not to drop off or pick up their child during this quiet/rest period. Security blankets or special sleep toys are welcome. Please bring a blanket to be left at the Center. Blankets should be taken home on Friday to be laundered. All items should be clearly marked with your child's name.

The Need for Intellectual Stimulation

We meet this need by providing developmentally appropriate activities that promote the cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and language development of each child. Teaching staff challenge and encourage children by providing materials which introduce basic concepts of color, shape, size, number, letter, time, measurement and language usage. They also observe and respond to the child's use of materials in ways which expand that usage.

The Need to Rediscover the World and Explore Their Unique Place Within It

Play is the primary task of childhood. It is how children make sense out of experience. Brockport Child Development Center provides children with the time and space to play creatively. By providing children with the tools and props of creative play, we provide them with the chance to tame the fearsome, transform the self.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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