SUNY Brockport Backgrounds for Zoom

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Directions for Using a SUNY Brockport Zoom Background

  1. Designate which image below you would like to use as your Zoom background and right click (on PCs) or Ctrl click (on Mac) on the selected image
  2. Click "Save image as..."
  3. Make the filename "zoom_background.jpg" and save it to your downloads folder (should be automatically selected at the start)
  4. Open Zoom and join a meeting
  5. Hover your cursor over the Zoom window and click on the ^ next to the "Stop Video" option near the bottom of the screen
  6. Click on "Choose a Virtual Background"
  7. Click the + just above the list of images shown
  8. Click "Add Image"
  9. Click on Downloads (located on the left side of the new window)
  10. Near the top of the window, find the magnifying glass and search "zoom_background"
  11. Double click on the image

The background should now be in place behind you and not change unless you go in and change it yourself using the steps above.

Zoom Background 1

Image of SUNY Brockport from a drone intended to be used as a background on Zoom

Zoom Background 2

Mural painted on SUNY Brockport campus

Zoom Background 3

Image of the fountain on SUNY Brockport campus and a blue sky behind it

Zoom Background 4

The prometheus statue outside of the Allen Administration Building

Zoom Background 5

Exterior shot of Eagle Hall

Zoom Background 6

Aerial shot of Hartwell Hall

Last Updated 7/8/20

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