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Elected Positions

President of the College Senate: The President of the College Senate serves a three-year commitment (President-elect, President and Past President).

Release Time and Stipends for College Senate Presidents: Faculty who are elected College Senate President receive 1 course release per semester. Their home department receives finances in the fall to hire an adjunct to teach the courses. Faculty who are not twelve month employees also receive a summer stipend which is paid through the summer sessions payroll. Non-teaching professionals elected to the College Senate receive release time comparable to that given to faculty and their department receives financial support to hire additional staff as well.

Senator-at-Large: Of the six Senator-at-Large positions, one is a part-time teaching or non-teaching professional. Each serves a two-year commitment, with three elected every year.

University Senator/ Alternate University Senator: The two University Senators serve three-year commitments to represent the College state-wide and are elected at the end of the terms. For more information, visit  the University Senate website.

Elections are held in the spring semester. Terms of office begin and end with the last meeting in May.

Appointed Positions

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary of the College Senate is a non-voting, paid position.

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian serves a one-year term and is appointed by the new President at the last Senate meeting for the next year's term. This is a non-voting position held by a non-senator.

Standing Committee: Standing Committee Designations for Senators for one year term. Each senator submits a list of three preferences to the Senate President-elect. Final appointments are determined by the Senate Executive Committee.

Standing Committee Chair: Standing Committee Chair Designations for one year term and are appointed by the Senate President and President-elect.

Unit Elections

College Senator and Alternate

The Unit/Departmental Senator and Alternate represent each SUNY Brockport unit or department and serve two-year commitments with a term limit of three consecutive terms. Units of representation to elect senators and alternates are announced at the first Senate meeting each spring semester by the Senate President-elect. Individual units elect their own representatives. Call for elections to department chairs comes from the Senate President-elect in March. Half of the College Senate is elected each year.

When a College Senator's term is set to expire, their unit(s) of representation will need to conduct a democratic election to identify a new Senator and alternate representative for the next term.

Unit Representative / Committee Choice Form

Faculty Bylaws

Bylaws Revisions occur every three years. A Bylaws ad hoc committee is formed in the spring of the last academic year the Bylaws are in effect. The current Faculty Bylaws (2019-2022) were ratified by the College at Brockport voting faculty. The next series of revisions will take place when the Bylaws committee reconvenes in September of 2021. Any questions or concerns regarding the Bylaws should be directed to the Senate President or the parliamentarian.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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