How to Submit College Senate Proposal

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Detailed Guidelines & Instructions

Deadline for submission: January 31

Submitted proposals must be complete including approval signatures when needed. Incomplete proposals will be returned. Proposals received after the deadline may be tabled until next academic year due to insufficient time to go through the Senate process before the end of the spring semester.

Please note: Send all proposals to the College Senate Office

Workflow Chart (pdf)

Preparation & Submission of Proposals to the College Senate

All Proposals go to the Senate Office

  • Proposal Cover: Complete the most current Senate cover page.
    • Please use the updated cover form provided here for your convenience.
    • Complete one cover page for each proposal.
    • Check the Approved Resolutions page to identify the previous resolution that will be replaced if your proposal passes the Senate. Include that on the cover page.
  • Proposal: Submit individual proposals electronically in Word format using committee guidelines (found below) to the College Senate Office,
  • Do not send your proposal directly to the committee. It must be documented, logged, and converted to an accessible PDF by the Senate office prior to any review by committee.

Use the Following Guidelines in the Preparation of your Documents

Go to the executive committee link for a list of standing committee chairs. Please contact them for further submission details.

Instructions for Obtaining College Senate Approval of General Education Courses 

Once your proposal has been logged in at the Senate Office, it will be forwarded to the appropriate standing committee. A copy will be sent to the originator including the routing number and official title. Please use the routing number and title in any future communications you make regarding your document. This will avoid confusion with other similar submissions.

Instructions for Submitting your Proposal

  1. Email all documents as individual attachments to
  2. You will receive a PDF copy of your proposal with a routing number. The PDF will also be sent to the appropriate standing committee chair.
  3. If any updates are needed, make those updates in the individual files (Word documents) and send that update as a reply to the email you received from the College Senate Secretary. After each revision you will receive a new PDF with an updated coversheet.

Feel free to contact the Senate Office with any questions at (585) 395-2586 or

Last Updated 5/26/21